# Vue JS

Fully functional and tested with modern set-up's.

When creating a Vue.js project with the Vue CLI you should enable CSS sourcemaps in the vue.config.js file by setting the css.sourceMap to true:

// vue.config.js
module.exports = {
  css: {
    sourceMap: true

# Nuxt

Fully functional without any problems or caveats.

# Known problems

# Relative path is added twice when using CSS

Status: unverified

Description: When using vanilla CSS with the Vue CLI it is possible for sourcemaps to be incorrectly generated due to the relative file path being added a second time due to a bug.

For example the path: /Users/Admin/Desktop/my-project/src/App.vue will be generated as: /Users/Admin/Desktop/my-project/src/my-project/src/App.vue.

Until this gets fixed you can just use your CSS in SCSS mode by installing node-sass and sass-loader with npm i sass-loader node-sass and adding lang="scss" to your script tags.